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The CDs of Michael Purington
& The Messengers:
"I Think I'll Quit Drinkin' Today"
"People With No Last Names"











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CDs of recovery music dealing with alcoholism, drinking problems, alcoholic recovery stories, and the personal recovery from alcoholism.

Michael Purington
and The Messengers

The Messengers, Phil, Paul, Michael, Jeff and Tim

Phil Hamilton (harp), and Paul Kelley (bass, vocals)
Michael Purington (guitar, vocals)
Jeff Kirschenmann (drums) and Tim Ishler (banjo, dobro, vocals)

About The Band

Michael Purington played saxophone in a dance band at age 13, quickly promoting himself to guitar shortly thereafter. At 19 he began playing professionally and started the Lost Highway Band in 1974, touring the western United States and Canada, releasing two albums and three singles, and performing with Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, B.B. King and George Thorogood, among others. Michael has played music part-time for the past ten years.

Phil Hamilton was a founding member of Lost Highway Band with Michael, playing harmonica, sax and percussion. Phil is morale director and a pretty funny guy.

Paul Kelley came up from Austin, Texas to join Lost Highway Band in 1976. He plays bass, sings like a bird and knows every song Louden Wainwright III ever wrote.

Tim Ishler hired Paul to play in his band in the late '80's, then hired Michael in the early '90's. Tim won first place on the Gong Show in 1976 playing "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" on banjo and dobro.

Jeff Kirschenmann has built a reputation since the mid-'80's as the ultimate hometown Montana drummer. His tasty adherence to keeping a groove made him indispensable to the Messengers.

Contact Michael
149 W. Broadway #509
Missoula MT 59802
(406) 529-6862

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